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Smoked Flavor (Dry Smoke)
Item No : SH-R37

A lot of BBQ Chefs and tailgate grillers use "liquid smoke" products in their sauce or glaze it directly over their pork shoulder, beef ribs, or just about any cut they toss on the grill. However, often times, these "liquid smoke" products have a tendency to overpower the taste and aroma of the meats.

The Seasoning House has pretty much solved this problem. We have taken the aromatic flavor essence of our best hickory, applewood, and mesquite smoke and formulated a dry rub that captures the exact same "smokiness" you get from an open flame wood BBQ. This product must be tried to be believed.

If you're a restaurant Chef looking for an outdoors smokey flavor, then this is the perfect rub for you! Just mix some into your sauce or rub it on directly on any cut to get that wood smoke flavor and aroma your diners will love. The hard core BBQ Chefs can enhance their wood smoke flavors as well by adding a bit of this truly unique rub to their cuts! 


Smoked Flavor (Dry Smoke)
Smoked Flavor (Dry Smoke)
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